Artist Statement

I am interested in perception and the structure of reality, often depicting the home as a metaphor for both human experience and the mind itself. My work oscillates between internal and external worlds, or sits on the threshold between the two. Home can feel like a refuge or a prison, whether it is made of bricks or brain cells. I contemplate the feedback loop of thoughts into behaviour, of behaviour into culture, and of culture back into the mind as thought.

I am interested in the dynamic and balance between opposites: order and chaos, love and fear, violence and stillness. Like paint on a canvas, all things are ultimately made of the same stuff, arranged temporarily, creating experience. I make paintings in an attempt to make sense of these concepts in visual terms.

In my current paintings, I aim to create scenes that invoke a slight unease and uncertainty in the viewer. I use warmer colours however, to suggest hope and a subtle optimism. The paintings begin with scale models, which I then photograph and use as a reference.


2005  BA Contemporary Photographic Practice, Northumbria University: 1st Class Honours

2002  Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, South Tyneside College: Merit


2018  Dotty, Northern Print, Newcastle upon Tyne

2018  A Study of Imaginary Chasms, Gosforth Civic Theatre (21st April - 30th June)

2017  Exchanging Views, Ouseburn Trust, Newcastle upon Tyne

2017  Footprints, Northern Print, Newcastle upon Tyne

2016  10 x 8, Stills, Edinburgh

2016  Northern Print @ St Dominic’s Church, Newcastle upon Tyne

2016  Engaging with Print, Gallery 45, Felton

2015  20:20 Print Exchange, Hot Bed Press, Salford

2012  Play Time, Ouse Street Arts Club, Newcastle upon Tyne 

2011  Still Light, Foundry Lane Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne

2010  My City, City Space, University of Sunderland

2010  Inspire, Arthur Robinson House, Billingham

2009  Urban Landscapes, The Artworks Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne

2007  Outside In, Northern Print, Newcastle upon Tyne 

2006  Navigating the Space this side of paradise, Gallery North, Newcastle upon Tyne

2006  New Works, Gallery North, Newcastle upon Tyne 

2005  Helios 3, The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle upon Tyne

2005  A Thousand Words, Northumbria University Degree Show


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